The Overseas Insurance & Reinsurance Co. sal.

We are a general (non-life) total insurance solutions provider serving the Lebanese market and Lebanese interests abroad since 1973. 


Type of Insurance We Provide

Whether you are a large company, a small business enterprise or a property owner, taking out the right insurance coverage will help protect your business and minimize your exposure to risk; exposure that could in some case prove very costly and possibly even devastating.

property insurance


Property All Risks policy covers risks outlined in special conditions; any uninsurable risk not omitted is covered. Fire and Allied Perils (Building and Contents) protect against fire, earthquake, lightning, storms, floods, impact, damage, and explosion.


Marine Cargo insurance protects goods in transit over water, land, railway, or air. Marine Hull covers hull and machinery, including the vessel’s structure and equipment. Aviation Hull provides All Risks coverage for airplanes, whether on the ground or in the air


Insurance policies vary: Motor Liability, Total Loss, and All Risks for car coverage. Compulsory Bodily Injury (Lebanon) and Orange Card offer specific protections for injuries and damages in certain countries.


Policy that covers all risks associated normally with a construction project. Issued commonly under the joint names of a contractor and a principal (client), it usually also includes third-party liability insurance.

Jewelry insurance


We offer jewelry insurance that covers theft, loss, and damage for valuable items. Tailored to individual needs, it assesses values and provides reimbursement or replacement options, ensuring comprehensive protection with careful policy review.


Political violence insurance safeguards businesses from losses due to political unrest, terrorism, or war. Tailored to specific risks, it covers property damage, business interruption, and asset loss. Policyholders receive compensation for covered events, ensuring business continuity. Thoroughly reviewing policy terms is vital for comprehensive protection.

Who We Are

 We are a general (non-life) total insurance solutions provider serving the Lebanese market and Lebanese interests abroad since 1973. At The Overseas Insurance we dedicate our know-how, professional expertise and financial resources to offer our clients protection against financial losses caused by natural catastrophes, accidents and unforeseen insurable risks. We maintain the highest ethical standards in our practice and conduct our business with transparency and accountability.


To become the leading insurance solutions provider catering to all our customers’ insurance needs in a seamless, efficient and rewarding manner. We will grow our Company’s intrinsic value organically and externally to the benefit of our customers, our partners and our shareholders.


Providing protection against financial losses caused by life’s uncertainties and inherent risks by transferring the financial and economic consequences of risks onto strong, reliable and reputable entities at a fair and competitive cost to the customer.


Focus on our clients’ needs by diligently assessing their risks exposure and applying the necessary insurance protection. Respond promptly in case of claim in a professional, equitable and considerate manner to alleviate their distress.

A Leader In The Industry

The Overseas Insurance & Reinsurance Co. sal has been operating in the Lebanese market since 1973 and offers insurance products that protect our clients against financial costs derived from a wide variety of risks resulting from:

  • Damages to properties and assets caused by unforeseen accidents and natural catastrophes.
  • Liability protection for the insured against injuries and damages caused to others due to acts of negligence or accidents initiated by the insured.
  • Criminal acts of violence perpetrated against the insured such as theft and cash in transit.

Authorized under Presidential Decree No. 5842 dated 23 August 1973, The Overseas Insurance & Reinsurance Co. sal was incorporated as a Lebanese joint-stock company in Beirut under commercial registry No. 29976 on September 10, 1973.


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